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Enjoy a smoother, faster, and quieter ride with the Silca Super Secret Chain Lube. This unique product offers all the benefits of a hot-melt wax-dipped chain in an easy-to-apply drip formula. Enhanced with the extremely lubricious nano-scale Tungsten Disulfide, this chain lube ensures maximum efficiency and reduces wear on your drive chain, significantly extending its lifespan.

Started as a bid to create the best hot-melt wax lubricant, the Silca Super Secret Chain Lube project reached significant milestones when it adopted technology from the IndyCar world. This high-performance lubricant employs a fast-drying solution containing micro-scale wax powders to form a coating akin to that achieved with hot melt dipping.

Each application of this air-drying lube bestows your chain with a protective layer of Tungsten Disulfide, promising superior friction reduction. The nano platelets of WS2 in the Super Secret Chain Lube boasts a minimal dynamic coefficient friction, ensuring optimal performance.

Not only does this product deliver exceptional performance, but the formula is also environmentally friendly. With four different types of wax and a gentle alcohol acting as a carrier, you can enhance your cycling experience without causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

To ensure the best results with the Silca Super Secret Lube, the chain should be thoroughly cleaned before application. Following lubing, let the chain dry for at least 30 minutes before embarking on your ride.

For more information on the best application methods, refer to this resource

Key Features:

  • Effect of hot-melt wax-dipped chain in a simple, drip applied lubricant
  • Enriched with highly lubricious Tungsten Disulfide
  • Environmentally-conscious formula
  • Requires the chain to be spotless before application
  • Drying period of a minimum of 30 minutes post-application

For detailed safety information, view the safety data sheet

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Colours Transparent
Sizes 4OZ
Brand Silca
Barcodes 850005186243
SKUs / Part Numbers SIAMAC015ASY0100

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